Yamaha F325D Review

The Yamaha F325D is an inexpensive acoustic guitar that’s robust and playable but also doesn’t compromise too much on sound quality. Read our Yamaha F325D review to find out why it makes a great first guitar for kids or adults alike.

Yamaha F325D
Yamaha F325D
👀 Looks3/5
🛠️ Build quality4/5
😃 Playability4/5
🎵 Sound3/5
💰 Value for Money5/5

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Yamaha F325D Review: The Specs

– Dreadnought shape
– Laminate spruce top
– Meranti back and sides
– Rosewood bridge
– Rosewood fingerboard
– Nato neck
– 24.9″ scale
– 20 frets
– Chrome die cast tuners
– Tortoise shell pickguard

Yamaha F325D Review: Test Results

Steve’s Music in Ottawa, Canada were kind enough to let our reviewer Kevin Daoust try out the F325D. Here’s what he thought of it:

Looks: 3/5

Front view of the Yamaha F325D
The Yamaha F325D looks fairly unremarkable

The Yamaha F325D has a standard dreadnought body. It looks fine – if not a little unremarkable.

It’s available in natural or tobacco sunburst. The sunburst is probably the prettier of the two. We played the natural version.

Build quality: 4/5

The Yamaha F325D has a spruce plywood top.
The Yamaha F325D has a spruce plywood top

This guitar has a spruce plywood top. More expensive guitars would have a single piece of spruce which would help give the guitar a richer sound.

The back and sides are made from sapele. Once again, this is a cheaper, less resonant material than the mahogany traditionally found on other acoustic guitars. The neck is also made of nato rather than the traditional mahogany. 

The sapele back of the Yamaha F325D
The Yamaha F325D has sapele back and sides

These more inexpensive woods are just as robust and solid as their traditional counterparts.

Do they impact the sound? Sure, a little bit (we’ll explain how later). But the Yamaha F325D will survive being dropped meaning it’s good for your budget and a great option for kids to learn on.

Playability: 4/5

The Yamaha F325D neck is solid, straight and comfortable
The Yamaha F325D neck is solid, straight and comfortable

The F325D might be made from inexpensive materials, but that doesn’t mean Yamaha skimped on quality.

The fit and finish are excellent. The neck is solid, straight, and comfortable. The fretwork is well done too.

Sound: 3/5

Sound is where the F325D compromises slightly. It has a nice, balanced sound for chords and single notes.

However, the guitar doesn’t produce much low-end, but that’s to be expected if you are using cheaper materials.

There are plenty of more expensive guitars that don’t sound as good as the Yamaha F325D.

Value for money: 5/5

The Yamaha F325D is inexpensive – but don’t let the price fool you. It’s solidly built and while the sound isn’t perfect, it’s amongst the best you’ll get at this price.

Overall: 19/25

Overall I’d recommend this guitar to anyone who is on a tight budget. It would make an excellent first guitar and it’s fine for playing at home or jamming with friends.

If price is your biggest consideration, then Yamaha F325D is one of the best options out there. It offers tonnes of value for money without compromising too much on sound.

However, if you’re planning on hitting the stage then you may wish to go for a slightly higher-quality model, like the FG800J.

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