Taylor 214ce Review: Is this the best Guitar for $1,000?

The 200 series aims to offer Taylor guitars’ trademark sound, playability and build quality for the lowest price. The Taylor 214CE isn’t cheap, but you get a fantastic acoustic guitar for $1,000. Check out Lubomir’s Taylor 214CE review to decide if it’s for you.

Lubomir performing his Taylor 214CE review
Lubomir performing his Taylor 214CE review
👀 Looks4.5/5
🛠️ Build quality4/5
😃 Playability4.5/5
🎵 Sound4.5/5
💰 Value for Money5/5

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Taylor 214ce Review: The Specs

– Top: Solid sitka spruce
– Back and sides: Indian rosewood
– Bridge: Ebony
– Finish: Satin
– Mahogany
– Number of Frets: 20
– Scale Length: 25.5”
– Nut: Nubone
– Finish: Satin
– Electronics: Expression System 2
– Hardware Colour: Chrome
– Tuning Machines: Die-Cast
– Pickguard: Tortoise

Taylor 214ce Review: Test Results

A full view of Lubomir's Taylor 214CE in his studio.
The Taylor 214CE

The Taylor 214ce acoustic guitar is a versatile instrument known for its balanced sound and exceptional playability. 

The Taylor 214ce is designed to cater to a wide range of musical styles, making it a versatile choice for a wide variety of players. Its tonal characteristics lend well to genres such as folk, rock, country, and pop.

This guitar is suitable for players of various skill levels, from novice to advanced. It offers features that make it beginner-friendly, such as low action, stable tuning, and rich tones, while also meeting the demands of more experienced players on the road or at the studio.

It provides a balanced sound, ease of playability, and versatile tonal options, making it well-suited for a variety of musical styles and player levels.

Looks: 4.5/5

A rear view of the Taylor 214CE
A rear view of the Taylor 214CE

The Taylor 214ce has a visually understated yet elegant appearance. Its clean design and nice finish give it a natural and unassuming aesthetic.

The simplicity and open-pore finish of the Taylor 214ce are commendable. The lack of excessive ornamentation allows the guitar’s natural beauty to shine through. Its understated elegance appeals to those who appreciate a classic, unadorned look.

While the visual simplicity is a plus for many, some users may find the guitar’s appearance somewhat plain. Personally, I don’t love the white binding around the body.

Build quality: 4/5

The Taylor 214CE
The Taylor 214CE

The build quality of the neck and body of the Taylor 214ce is exceptional. It is constructed with high-quality tonewoods, offering durability and resonance.

The frets and fretboard are well-crafted, ensuring smooth playability and even intonation across the fretboard.

The hardware on the Taylor 214ce is reliable. I don’t have any issues with tuning or dead/muted spots on my guitar. 

The onboard ES2 pickup system delivers clean and authentic acoustic tones. It is very straightforward and user-friendly. I also like the smooth feel of the neck. Since I’m the second owner of my guitar, the pots feel a little bit loose. This indicates that you may expect to see some wearing on pots over time. Mine still work fine, they just feel like were being used frequently. 

Playability: 4.5/5

A close up of the Taylor 214CE neck.
The Taylor 214CE has a player-friendly neck.

The Taylor 214ce is comfortable to hold. However, it might feel big for young musicians. Otherwise, it has well-balanced body and player-friendly Taylor neck design.

I find the weight of the guitar light and suitable for extended playing sessions.

The guitar comes well set up, ensuring ease of playability and comfortable fretting. This might vary depending on the store you purchase your instrument from. The Taylor neck design enhances comfort, allowing for relaxed fretting. 

The low action on the Taylor 214ce is a standout feature, providing excellent playability for beginners.

Sound 4.5/5

A close up of the the Taylor 214CE soundhole
The Taylor 214CE produces clear and balanced chord tones

I really enjoy the sound produced by the combination of Sitka spruce and Indian rosewood tonewoods, along with the ES2 electronics system. It has a rich and balanced sound.

The guitar’s tonal settings are responsive, allowing me to achieve a wide range of sounds. 

The Taylor 214ce excels in producing clear and balanced chord tones and can get pretty loud.

Fingerpicking on this guitar yields a warm and articulate tone. I personally like to play bosa nova and samba kind of rhythms a lot and I really enjoy playing it on this guitar.

The Taylor 214ce can be a pretty loud guitar and projects sound effectively, making it suitable for various performance settings.

Value for Money 5/5

The Taylor 214CE comes with a good quality case
The Taylor 214CE comes with a good quality case

The price of the Taylor 214ce can vary but on Sweetwater it sells for $1099 USD.

It offers good value for its price, thanks to its quality construction, sound, playability and reliable tuning. It also comes with a free case.

Taylor 214ce review overall rating: 22.5/25

The Taylor 214CE
The Taylor 214CE

I am pleasantly surprised by the quality and reliability of this guitar at this price. I love playing it, I use it almost every day and I always end up with great-sounding acoustic parts for my songs. However, I do think that the pots could be improved.

I recommend the Taylor 214ce to a wide range of players. For experienced musicians, the 214ce is a versatile acoustic option. Beginners will find it a reliable first guitar. However, it might be out of the price range of many. 

While the Taylor 214ce is an excellent choice, alternatives from brands like Martin, Yamaha, Takamine and Epiphone may also be worth considering, depending on individual preferences and budgets.

In my opinion, the Taylor 214ce is a commendable acoustic guitar that offers an impressive combination of build and sound quality and tonal consistency. Plus you get a really good case with your guitar.

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