Schecter C-6 Plus Review

549 CAD at Steve’s Music

399 USD at Guitar Center

The Schecter brand has long been associated with metal music and players. It provides high-quality instruments that can take a beating, so much so that the notoriously picky (and for good reason) Glenn Fricker swears by the Schecter he keeps in the studio since it sounds killer and stays in tune extremely well.

That’s some high praise!

The C-6 Plus is Schecter’s entry-level guitar that offers plenty of metal at an affordable price. This guitar is an excellent place to start for those who want to venture into that world.

The Specs

The C-6 Plus features a basswood body with an imaged quilted maple top in transparent colours. This feature gives you the aesthetic of a quilted top, which is gorgeous in its own right without the added expense of a two-tonewood body. The body also features a tune-o-matic bridge for maximum resonance and a string-thru design.

The guitar features a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard adorned with standard dot inlays. The neck also features a veloute, adding more wood where the neck and headstock intersect, giving this particular joint a little more strength (pitched headstocks are a bit more vulnerable to breaks, so this helps prevent these). Other features include a graphite nut and 24 X-Jumbo frets that allow you to dig into the notes.

For electronics, you have two Schecter Diamond Plus humbuckers controlled by a three-way switch, master volume and master tone control.

Looks – 4/5

The test guitar I played was a beauty. It was finished in a transparent black (called “charcoal burst”) that was stunning against the flame aesthetic. 

Because of that, the rest of the guitar looked a little “plain.” If the guitar had a binding on the neck or decorative inlays on the fretboard, it would have been a bit more of a stunner, but it would have also possibly driven up the price. 

However, this is an excellent option for anyone looking for something other than a solid colour in this price range. 

Build Quality – 3.5/5

At first glance, the fit and finish look well done. The neck feels very solid, and everything is well mounted on the guitar, which can likely handle the rock fury it’s designed for. 

I do have two gripes on the quality control side. One is a bit of fret sprouting along the edges of the fingerboard, and the other is a low E string rattling when played. 

Sprouting can happen with changes in humidity and temperature (the guitar did ultimately travel from Indonesia to Canada) and can easily be fixed by a luthier. The issue with the low E is likely due to the low action on the guitar and can also be easily adjusted. This is a disappointment, however, after playing other guitars in this price range that were more-or-less perfect off the rack.

Playability – 5/5

Gripes aside, this guitar is built for speed! Its low action and tall frets make chording and lead lines a breeze, and the neck’s finish doesn’t get in the way of sliding up and down for riffs and solos. 

Another plus that I’ve noticed is how stable this guitar was. It held onto the tuning like a champ, even with my most aggressive bashing. 

The combination of factors will be perfect for newer players since they won’t need to work their left hand as hard to get notes to sound. 

Sound – 5/5

The two Diamond humbuckers deliver the goods regarding tones associated with the metal genre. The bridge pickup has plenty of bite and output, and the neck pickup has a pleasant warmth without losing clarity.

The middle position dives into “Straty” territory, which works best for clean tones rather than heavy distortion.

Using all three, you may find preferences for certain pickups for specific applications: bridge for rhythm, middle for clean sounds, and bridge or neck for lead sounds. When assigned these roles, I found the pickups shone their best.

Value for money – 4/5

The C-6 Plus is a quality instrument that is easy to play and sounds great. Younger and newer players should easily be able to create chords and lines. 

You may also get lucky and find one on the rack that doesn’t have the issues I’ve mentioned above. Just be cautious; anything that comes up may mean extra money spent on a proper setup to address these issues. 

Overall Rating – 21.5/25

Though it had flaws, the Schecter C-6 Plus is a great and beautiful starter guitar for the metalhead in your life. It certainly hits the spot in regards to tones and playability. The figured maple aesthetics and transparent burst finish will also get attention.

I recommend making sure that the one you grab off the rack is free of flaws before purchasing or asking the shop to make the necessary adjustments before purchasing. Once you find a good one, don’t be afraid to turn it up!

As always, a big thanks to Steve’s Music Store in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, for lending me this great guitar to try out!

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