Martin 000-15M Review

Martin 000 15M review

Martin is one of those brands that espouses quality. The company has had a long history of crafting fine acoustic guitars that are often imitated but never really duplicated. Martin guitars also come in a wide array of price ranges, from affordable to “doctor/lawyer-only” pricing. With the 000-15M, they have created something of great quality … Read more

How to Play B7 Guitar Chord

How to play b7 guitar chord

For beginners, learning to play the B7 chord on guitar may not be high on their lists of things to do. The name sounds complicated and most will begin with simple chords like A, Em, G major and C major.  But B7 is actually a common and useful guitar chord in popular music.  And it’s … Read more

How to Play F Chord Guitar

How to play F chord guitar

The dreaded F chord is one of the hardest guitar chords for beginner guitar players. It appears in many guitar songs but can be quite tough to play. That’s why we felt it deserved an article of its own. We’ll take you through how to play F step by step and show you different ways … Read more

A Complete Guide to Guitar Sizes

Guide to guitar sizes

In recent years manufacturers have started making a wider range of different guitar sizes.  They want to ensure there’s a guitar for everyone – whether you have small hands or want one suitable for travel.  But this can make things confusing. What size is best for children? What about small adults? What is a short-scale … Read more

9: How to play Love Me Do on guitar

How to play love me do on guitar

Now you’ve learned three beginner guitar chords, it’s time to put them to use.  In this lesson, we’ll teach you how to play Love Me Do on guitar. This Beatles song is one of the best beginner guitar songs. That’s because: The downside is that it has quite a fast tempo. While this makes it … Read more