Epiphone AJ-210CE Review: Perfect for Beginners – and Beyond

With its smooth neck, warm tones, and relatively inexpensive price, the Epiphone AJ-210CE is an acoustic guitar that is suitable for a wide range of players. Check out Joemel’s Epiphone AJ-210CE review and see if it’s for you!

Joemel carrying out his Epiphone AJ-210CE review
Joemel carrying out his Epiphone AJ-210CE review
👀 Looks4.5/5
🛠️ Build quality4.5/5
😃 Playability4/5
🎵 Sound4/5
💰 Value for Money4.5/5

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Epiphone AJ-210CE Review: The Specs

o   Shape: Dreadnought
o   Type: Hollowbody
o   Construction: Single cutaway
o   Wood: Mahogany
o   Top Wood: Spruce
o   Finish: Gloss
o   Bridge: Rosewood
o   Neck Wood: Okume
o   Neck Shape: Slim taper D
o   Neck Joint: Glued in – dovetail.
o   Fingerboard Inlays: Dot
o   String Nut: Synthetic bone
o   Nut Width: 1.68”

o   Number of Frets: 20
o   Sizing: Medium
o   Fretboard Material: Rosewood

Epiphone AJ-210CE Review: Test Results

Here’s what Joemel made of the AJ-210CE:

Looks: 4.5/5

The Epiphone AJ-210CE is a good looking acoustic guitar
The Epiphone AJ-210CE is a good looking acoustic guitar

The Epiphone AJ-210CE is available in two different colors: natural and vintage sunburst, of which I possess the latter.

I would prefer a more natural color. But the vintage sunburst spruce top with its glossy finish provides a deep and warm appearance that blends well with the white binding, making it easy on the eyes. 

The look is simple but effective and draws the eye. 

Build quality: 5/5

The Epiphone AJ-210CE has excellent build quality
The Epiphone AJ-210CE has excellent build quality

Epiphone are known for making solidly built guitars at a reasonable price point. The AJ-210CE is no different.

Mine came with no deformities or dings on the body, neck, or headstock of the guitar.

The AJ-210CE comes with a Fishman pick-up and EQ. This has no crackles, ringing or other sound issues when plugged into an amp or a recording device.

All in all, this is a well-crafted acoustic guitar that will stand the test of time.

Playability: 4/5

The Epiphone AJ-210CE has superior playability compared to many guitars in this price range.
The Epiphone AJ-210CE has superior playability compared to many guitars in this price range.

From the beginning, my hands felt comfortable and capable of coaxing beautiful sounds from this guitar. 

I was able to maintain speed, dexterity, and precision, whether I was jamming simple rhythms, plucking, strumming, or playing more technical lead parts. 

The cutaway design makes it easy to access the higher frets. The smooth slim taper neck finish made playing this guitar effortless – more so than some other acoustic guitars I’ve tried over the years.

The dreadnought shape suits me, but it might be too big for some people.

As with most electro-acoustics, the electronics require a 9V battery. Without this, the pickup, preamp and tuner won’t work. This can be a problem when the battery runs out. However, this can easily be addressed by having a spare battery on hand.

Sound 4/5

The Epiphone AJ210CE features a Fishman pickup and pre amp
The Epiphone AJ210CE features a Fishman pickup and pre amp

In terms of sound, let’s divide it into two categories: Unplugged and Plugged. When unplugged, the guitar projects great sound in most environments.

Of course, when recording with this guitar, you’ll need a room with good acoustics, ample space, minimal noise, and decent equipment.

Playing or recording this plugged-in, however, is a slightly different story. 

The Fishman pickup and its controls add depth to this guitar’s already rich bass and treble, and crisp midrange. But it requires some EQ adjustment and compression to make it sound less harsh through an amplifier or a recording interface.

Whether you play this guitar unplugged or plugged, with the right tools and technique, you can get a good sound out of it.

Value for Money 5/5

Epiphone AJ-210CE in its case
Epiphone AJ-210CE in its case

If you were to buy this guitar at its original retail price it would be $317. Although this is a slightly higher price than most Epiphones, most people would still consider this to be a reasonable price for this brand.

But what truly makes the Epiphone AJ210CE good value for money, aside from its sound, playability, and looks, is the hard-shell case that it comes with. 

This means you can take it anywhere you want to go, adding practicality. Just remember, this is a fairly large guitar, so ensure you have enough space for it. The hard-shell case provided is a standard black Epiphone case for dreadnought-sized acoustic guitars. It also comes with a key and lock. It’s a basic case but it’s great for protecting your instrument from the elements when traveling or storing it in your home.

Epiphone AJ-210CE review overall rating: 21.5/25

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Epiphone AJ210-CE to anyone who wants a solid and reliable instrument in their arsenal.

This guitar is best-described as an all-rounder. It produces great sound when unplugged or plugged in, has rustic, warm looks, a comfortable neck, and a solid build that will last you a lifetime with proper care. It’s also an amazing deal with the case.

If you manage to find this guitar in a shop, go give it a try, you might love it as much as I have.

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