Takamine vs Tanglewood: What’s the Difference?

Takamine vs Tanglewood

If you’re in the market for a mid-range acoustic guitar, you’ve probably come across Takamine and Tanglewood. Both brands are relatively inexpensive compared to high-end counterparts like Martin or Gibson.  Both are reputable companies that produce good-quality acoustic guitars.  So how do you know which to choose? To help answer that, I spoke to Steve … Read more

Takamine EG321C Review

Takamine EG321C Review

The Takamine EG321C is a relic from the brand’s glory days. It is perfect for those looking for a solid acoustic that sounds great plugged in. It’s been discontinued but guitarists looking for a great electro-acoustic would do well to look out for a second-hand bargain. Check out Stefan’s Takamine EG321C review to see if … Read more

Yamaha FS800 Review

Yamaha FS800 Review

The Yamaha FS800 is almost identical to Yamaha’s flagship entry-level guitar the FG800, except smaller. This makes it ideal for beginner or smaller guitarists. Check out our Yamaha FS800 review and see if it is for you! Factor Rating 👀 Looks /5 🛠️ Build quality /5 😃 Playability /5 🎵 Sound /5 💰 Value for … Read more

Yamaha FG800J Review: The perfect Step-up guitar

Yamaha FG800J review

The Yamaha FG800J is almost identical to the popular FG800. It’s a fantastic step-up guitar. Anyone struggling with a low-quality beginner guitar will love the FG800J for its improved sound, playability and build quality. Plus it’s still affordable and will last for decades. Check out our Yamaha FG800J review and see if it is for … Read more

What is The Best guitar for small hands?

Best guitar for small hands

Finding the right guitar can be challenging if you have small hands or are buying a guitar for a child. The frets may feel too far apart and strings too difficult to hold down properly,  adding unneeded difficulty and frustration — not to mention thwarting any progress! But don’t worry: it doesn’t have to be … Read more

Yamaha F335 Review

Yamaha F335

The F335 lives up to Yamaha’s reputation for building good quality budget acoustic guitars. However, a couple of minor playability issues mean beginners maybe have better options available to them. Rating 👀 Looks 4.5/5 🛠️ Build quality 4.5/5 ‎😃 Playability 3.5/5 🎵 Sound quality 3/5 💰 Value for money 5/5 Overall rating 20.5/25 Looks: 4.5/5 … Read more

How to Play B7 Guitar Chord

How to play b7 guitar chord

For beginners, learning to play the B7 chord on guitar may not be high on their lists of things to do. The name sounds complicated and most will begin with simple chords like A, Em, G major and C major.  But B7 is actually a common and useful guitar chord in popular music.  And it’s … Read more

How to Play F Chord Guitar

How to play F chord guitar

The dreaded F chord is one of the hardest guitar chords for beginner guitar players. It appears in many guitar songs but can be quite tough to play. That’s why we felt it deserved an article of its own. We’ll take you through how to play F step by step and show you different ways … Read more