Jackson Dinky JS22 Review

Jackson Dinky JS22 Review

$279 CAD at Steve’s Music $199 USD at Sweetwater In this series of guitars built for Metal, I’ve covered a wide price range, from the moderately priced Schecter to the fully tricked-out Ibanez. The question remains, however: Can you be Metal on a budget? The answer, my Metal brethren, is yes. How so? With the … Read more

Schecter C-6 Plus Review

Schecter C-6 Review

549 CAD at Steve’s Music 399 USD at Guitar Center The Schecter brand has long been associated with metal music and players. It provides high-quality instruments that can take a beating, so much so that the notoriously picky (and for good reason) Glenn Fricker swears by the Schecter he keeps in the studio since it … Read more

Squire Paranormal Strat-O-Sonic Review

Squire Paranormal Strat-O-Sonic Review

The Squire Paranormal Strat-O-Sonic is a blend between a Fender Stratocaster and a Gibson Les Paul Junior. The results, however, give us a fantastic guitar that sounds incredible. Check out Kevin’s Squire Paranormal Strat-O-Sonic to decide if it’s for you. Factor Rating 👀 Looks 5/5 🛠️ Build quality 4/5 😃 Playability 5/5 🎵 Sound 5/5 … Read more

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V Review

Yamaha has always been one of the best bang-for-buck guitar companies. The guitars are well constructed, affordable, play very well, and last a player their whole life. The Pacifica PAC112V is one such example. Check out Kevin’s Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V review and see if it’s for you. If you’ve read my guitar reviews on this … Read more

Gretsch G5220 Jet Review

Gretsch G5220 Jet Review

There has been a shift in recent years with guitars made in Asia. Once thought synonymous with low quality and standards, manufacturers have stepped up their game, offering quality instruments for a decent price. Which ain’t a bad thing if you’ve been dreaming about owning a beautiful Gretsch guitar. Check out Kevin’s Gretsch G5220 Jet … Read more

Alvarez ABT60 Review

Alvarez ABT60E review

If you’re after a sound that’s deeper and darker, then a baritone guitar might be for you. The Alvarez ABT60 is a high-quality, yet inexpensive acoustic baritone guitar. Check out Kevin’s Alvarez ABT60 review and see If it’s for you! Factor Rating 👀 Looks /5 🛠️ Build quality /5 😃 Playability /5 🎵 Sound /5 … Read more

Yamaha F325D Review

Yamaha F325D review

The Yamaha F325D is an inexpensive acoustic guitar that’s robust and playable but also doesn’t compromise too much on sound quality. Read our Yamaha F325D review to find out why it makes a great first guitar for kids or adults alike. Factor Rating 👀 Looks 3/5 🛠️ Build quality 4/5 😃 Playability 4/5 🎵 Sound … Read more