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  • Jackson Dinky JS22 Review
    $279 CAD at Steve’s Music $199 USD at Sweetwater In this series of guitars built for Metal, I’ve covered a wide price range, from the moderately priced Schecter to the fully tricked-out Ibanez. The question … Read more
  • Ibanez RGD3121 Review
    3,395 CAD at Steve’s Music 2,399 USD at Sweetwater Many of the guitars I’ve reviewed for Guitarist 101 are priced between the low and mid tiers. Plenty of guitars were both solid and affordable. I’m … Read more
  • Blackstar Amplification Upgrades Popular Practice Amp with Bluetooth Functionality
    Blackstar Amplification has announced an exciting upgrade to their popular ID:CORE V4 STEREO 10 practice amplifier, now featuring Bluetooth functionality. This enhancement brings a significant boost in versatility, making it easier for guitarists to integrate … Read more
  • Schecter C-6 Plus Review
    549 CAD at Steve’s Music 399 USD at Guitar Center The Schecter brand has long been associated with metal music and players. It provides high-quality instruments that can take a beating, so much so that … Read more
  • Squire Paranormal Strat-O-Sonic Review
    The Squire Paranormal Strat-O-Sonic is a blend between a Fender Stratocaster and a Gibson Les Paul Junior. The results, however, give us a fantastic guitar that sounds incredible. Check out Kevin’s Squire Paranormal Strat-O-Sonic to … Read more
  • Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V Review
    Yamaha has always been one of the best bang-for-buck guitar companies. The guitars are well constructed, affordable, play very well, and last a player their whole life. The Pacifica PAC112V is one such example. Check … Read more
  • Gretsch G5220 Jet Review
    There has been a shift in recent years with guitars made in Asia. Once thought synonymous with low quality and standards, manufacturers have stepped up their game, offering quality instruments for a decent price. Which … Read more
  • Taylor 214ce Review: Is this the best Guitar for $1,000?
    The 200 series aims to offer Taylor guitars’ trademark sound, playability and build quality for the lowest price. The Taylor 214CE isn’t cheap, but you get a fantastic acoustic guitar for $1,000. Check out Lubomir’s … Read more
  • Epiphone AJ-210CE Review: Perfect for Beginners – and Beyond
    With its smooth neck, warm tones, and relatively inexpensive price, the Epiphone AJ-210CE is an acoustic guitar that is suitable for a wide range of players. Check out Joemel’s Epiphone AJ-210CE review and see if … Read more
  • Takamine vs Tanglewood: What’s the Difference?
    If you’re in the market for a mid-range acoustic guitar, you’ve probably come across Takamine and Tanglewood. Both brands are relatively inexpensive compared to high-end counterparts like Martin or Gibson.  Both are reputable companies that … Read more
  • Alvarez ABT60 Review
    If you’re after a sound that’s deeper and darker, then a baritone guitar might be for you. The Alvarez ABT60 is a high-quality, yet inexpensive acoustic baritone guitar. Check out Kevin’s Alvarez ABT60 review and … Read more
  • Takamine EG321C Review
    The Takamine EG321C is a relic from the brand’s glory days. It is perfect for those looking for a solid acoustic that sounds great plugged in. It’s been discontinued but guitarists looking for a great … Read more
  • Takamine GD20 NS Review: Can the electro Master go Unplugged?
    Takamine is famous for producing electro-acoustic guitars that sound awesome plugged in. But the GD20 NS is a completely acoustic guitar with no electronics to speak of. Is it any good? Check out Kevin’s Takamine … Read more
  • Yamaha FS800 Review
    The Yamaha FS800 is almost identical to Yamaha’s flagship entry-level guitar the FG800, except smaller. This makes it ideal for beginner or smaller guitarists. Check out our Yamaha FS800 review and see if it is … Read more
  • Yamaha FG800J Review: The perfect Step-up guitar
    The Yamaha FG800J is almost identical to the popular FG800. It’s a fantastic step-up guitar. Anyone struggling with a low-quality beginner guitar will love the FG800J for its improved sound, playability and build quality. Plus … Read more
  • Martin LX1 Review: Is this the world’s best travel guitar?
    The Martin LX1 Little Martin is one of the best travel guitars we’ve played. While it may not look like much, it offers awesome sound quality and playability for the money. It’s also one of … Read more
  • Yamaha F325D Review
    The Yamaha F325D is an inexpensive acoustic guitar that’s robust and playable but also doesn’t compromise too much on sound quality. Read our Yamaha F325D review to find out why it makes a great first … Read more
  • Martin SC- 13e Review
    The Martin SC-13e is an acoustic electric guitar designed for electric guitar players. With its unusual construction and beautiful design, we couldn’t resist testing this one out! Check out Kevin’s Martin SC-13e review to see … Read more
  • Vote For The Top 100 Best Guitarists of All Time 2023
    Who are the best guitarists of all time? Everyone has an opinion – and we want to hear YOURS. Voting is open for our very first top 100 best guitarists of all time. To vote, … Read more
  • Seagull Entourage Rustic Review
    The Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QI is a Canadian-made acoustic electric guitar that’s perfect for practicing at home or performing with. This is a very versatile guitar to have in your collection that won’t break … Read more
  • Cort Earth Mini Review
    The Cort Earth Mini is a rarity – a 3/4-sized steel string acoustic guitar that is both affordable and good quality. This smaller size makes it a good option for beginners or smaller guitar players. … Read more
  • Martin 000-15M Review
    Martin is one of those brands that espouses quality. The company has had a long history of crafting fine acoustic guitars that are often imitated but never really duplicated. Martin guitars also come in a … Read more
  • What is The Best guitar for small hands?
    Finding the right guitar can be challenging if you have small hands or are buying a guitar for a child. The frets may feel too far apart and strings too difficult to hold down properly,  … Read more
  • Takamine EG522SC Review
    The Takamine EG522SC may not look like much – but don’t be fooled. This versatile and affordable gem offers rich sound and remarkable build quality. It will captivate both classical enthusiasts and rock aficionados alike.  … Read more
  • 6 Great Kid Size Guitars for Beginners
    The guitar is a great instrument and hobby for kids. It’s fun and allows them to express themselves and be creative.  They may eventually write songs, start a band (and annoy your neighbours!) and maybe … Read more
  • Yamaha F335 Review
    The F335 lives up to Yamaha’s reputation for building good quality budget acoustic guitars. However, a couple of minor playability issues mean beginners maybe have better options available to them. Rating 👀 Looks 4.5/5 🛠️ … Read more
  • What Are The Best Strings For Children’s Guitars?
    If you’ve recently purchased a guitar for your child, you might wonder when is the best time to change strings and what the best strings for children’s guitars are.  Perhaps your child’s strings have been … Read more
  • How to Play B7 Guitar Chord
    For beginners, learning to play the B7 chord on guitar may not be high on their lists of things to do. The name sounds complicated and most will begin with simple chords like A, Em, … Read more
  • How to Play F Chord Guitar
    The dreaded F chord is one of the hardest guitar chords for beginner guitar players. It appears in many guitar songs but can be quite tough to play. That’s why we felt it deserved an … Read more
  • How to Play the G Chord on Guitar: 14 Fun and Easy Ways! 
    The G chord is one of the most common guitar chords in modern music. It’s one of the first chords many guitarists learn. But it’s also quite difficult to learn. This is because you have … Read more
  • How to Play C Chord on Guitar: 16 Amazing Ways
    The C major guitar chord is one of the most common chords in guitar music. It’s often one of the first chords that new players are taught.  But compared to other beginner guitar chords like … Read more
  • How to Play B Chord Guitar: 14 Easy Ways
    B is a tricky chord to play on guitar. That’s because, like the F chord, you can’t really play it using open strings. But unlike F, there isn’t really a simplified way to play B. … Read more
  • A Complete Guide to Guitar Sizes
    In recent years manufacturers have started making a wider range of different guitar sizes.  They want to ensure there’s a guitar for everyone – whether you have small hands or want one suitable for travel.  … Read more
  • How to Play the G Major Scale on Guitar
    The G major scale is a good place to begin if you want to learn guitar theory or general music theory.  There are a couple of reasons for this: Learning to play scales like G … Read more
  • JamPlay Review
    Find out everything you need to know before you buy with our JamPlay review. JamPlay’s lessons offer a level of depth unmatched by other guitar learning platforms.  But it’s also missing a lot of the … Read more
  • Fender Play Review
    Find out everything you need to know before you buy with our Fender Play review. Fender Play is a very polished platform with well-made lessons and some cool features. But it’s mainly aimed at beginners … Read more
  • Guitar Tricks Review
    This Guitar Tricks Review will tell you everything you need to know before you buy it. Guitar Tricks gets rave reviews from guitar websites. But is it worth the hype? Yes and no. Read on … Read more
  • Rode M3 Review
    Read about the Rode M3 condenser microphone before you buy and see if it’s for you. The Rode M3 is an excellent all-purpose microphone. But there are some uses it’s more suited to than others. … Read more
  • Best Acoustic Guitar Brand: 13 For You To Choose From!
    Before we begin, let’s make one thing very clear—there is no best acoustic guitar brand. Like all things in music, preference for acoustic guitar brands is entirely subjective and down to YOU the individual.  Choosing … Read more
  • Revealed: 17 best acoustic guitars under 500 dollars
    Today there is a huge range of great-quality but reasonably-priced acoustic guitars available to musicians. In fact, pound for pound, you’ll probably get more value for money from the best acoustic guitars under 500 dollars … Read more
  • What’s the best acoustic guitar in 2023? 12 great guitars for strumming and picking!
    What is the best acoustic guitar? This article lists 12.
  • PRS S2 Standard 24 Review
    Read our PRS S2 Standard 24 review before you buy and see if it’s for you. The S2 range is the PRS Guitars answer to models like the Gibson SG. Paul Reed Smith and his … Read more
  • 14 Best Guitar Brands for 2023
    What are the best guitar brands?  The answer depends on many factors. These include the type of guitarist you are, the type of music you like and your budget. In this article, we list 14 … Read more
  • 9: How to play Love Me Do on guitar
    Now you’ve learned three beginner guitar chords, it’s time to put them to use.  In this lesson, we’ll teach you how to play Love Me Do on guitar. This Beatles song is one of the … Read more
  • 10: 5 more easy guitar chords for beginners
    I hope you enjoyed learning to play Love Me Do by the Beatles! Now you’re going to learn a few more beginner guitar chords (as well as a couple of advanced techniques!) before moving on … Read more
  • 11: How to play Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door on Guitar
    I hope you enjoyed learning how to play Love Me Do on guitar! Now it’s time to learn another song.  In this article, we’re going to teach you how to play Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door … Read more
  • 8: 3 great beginner guitar chords
    Now you know how to read guitar chord charts we’re going to teach you the beginner guitar chords you’ll need to play your first full song.  The song you’re going to learn is Love Me … Read more
  • 6: Beginner Guitar Riffs
    Finally! Now you’ve learned how to tune a guitar, it’s time to start playing some beginner guitar riffs.  Before you begin this lesson, it’s vital that you take a look at our lesson on how … Read more
  • 3: guitar fundamentals
    You’ve chosen your guitar, so let’s get started right?!  Woah there! There are a few things you need to understand about the guitar before you can begin learning. These are: what the different parts of … Read more
  • 2: 5 Amazing Tips on How to Choose Your First Guitar
    In our first lesson we gave you some basic advice before you embark on your guitar journey. There’s just one more thing that you need to do before you start—get a guitar! So in this … Read more
  • 1: Start your journey with our beginner guitar lessons
    Welcome to lesson one of our beginner guitar lessons course on how to play guitar—your journey starts here! The guitar is one of the best instruments to learn. It’s exciting and expressive—not to mention, lots … Read more
  • The Happy Scale: How to Play Major Scale on Guitar
    Are you new to guitar? Maybe you’ve just picked up your old guitar and want to get started on some theory. In this article, we’ll cover how to play a major scale on guitar, with … Read more
  • Time Signature for Guitar: A Complete Guide
    For musicians, learning to understand the time signature is critical. This is true even if you don’t read music.  Why? Because music (at its most basic) is a series of notes arranged in time. A … Read more
  • 4: How to Read Guitar Tabs
    Now you know your way around the guitar, there are a couple more things you need to learn before we play something. The first is how to read guitar tabs. Guitar tabs, also known as … Read more
  • 5: How to Tune a Guitar Like a Pro
    You’ve learned how to read guitar tabs, now it’s important to learn how to tune a guitar. Learning how to tune a guitar is one thing that you can’t put on hold.  Your journey to … Read more
  • 3 Best Easy Beginner Guitar Chords
    A majority of all songs consist of a series of easy beginner guitar chords. Once you can play these chords, you can probably play most songs.  By learning easy beginner guitar chords you build up … Read more
  • 7: How Read Guitar Chord Charts
    Now you’ve learned to play some beginner guitar riffs, it’s time to get you playing your first few chords.  A chord is two or more notes that you play together. They are fundamental for every … Read more
  • What Is the Best Age to Start Guitar Lessons?
    Do you want to teach your kids to play guitar? Perhaps you’re an adult and want to learn guitar yourself? Either way, you might be wondering what age to start guitar lessons. Luckily, you can … Read more
  • The Complete Guide to Learn How to Play Guitar in 2023
    There are so many options to learn how to play guitar. There are millions of guitar teachers out there. But the guitar is also one of the best instruments to teach yourself. Many online resources … Read more